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New Breakthrough Cuts Your Risk of Vision Problems in Half

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E+Selenium Mist


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New Breakthrough Cuts Your Risk of Vision Problems in Half

According to groundbreaking studies, you can now slash the risk
of age-related eye worries up to 60%

If you, or someone you love, are worried about eye health, then the following news is important for you…

That's because you are about to discover how to slash your risk of eye problems as you age - by more than HALF

Not only that, this remarkable breakthrough helps slow aging of the eye and maintain your freedom and independence as you get older.

Here is the scoop...

As you may know, Vitamin E is powerful antioxidant that helps protect your vision as you age.

  • • The Age-Related Eye Disease Study of more than 3,600 people found that Vitamin E - in combination with other nutrients - might help slash the risk age-related vision loss by up to 25%...
  • • A 5-year-long study of more than 3,000 adult Americans found that Vitamin E in combination with Vitamin C might reduce the risk of cataracts by up to 60%...
  • • And a 2008 study of more than 35,000 patients suggests that people with high levels of Vitamin E had a 20% lower relative risk of developing vision problems

Non-Capsule Vitamin E Was Absorbed 30 Times Better!

According to the researchers, this indicates that people who are only taking vitamin E pills are accomplishing nothing and getting few, if any benefits from the supplements.

Not only that...

Many people simply do not like swallowing handfuls of pills every morning. They get stuck in their throat. They cause stomach upset. And they are inconvenient to carry around if you are traveling

That is why my team researched newer and more effective ways for you to protect your vision with Vitamin E.

What we discovered was a breakthrough formula that helps...

  • • Cut the risk of age-related vision problems
  • • Support clear, sharp vision
  • • Maintain your freedom at you age
  • • Enjoy greater eye protection
  • • And much more…

We call it E-Selenium and it is...

A Scientifically Backed Formula That
Promises You Healthier Eyes

E-Selenium is a proprietary blend of two powerful, vision-enhancing nutrients combined together with a unique mist system.

This breakthrough formula is easy to take - you just spray it in your mouth.

However, it contains a potent dose of Vitamin E that your body can absorb up to 9 times more effectively than Vitamin E capsules.

That means you get more benefits for your eyes in every dose.

Not only that, E-Selenium also contains the antioxidant, Selenium.

Selenium is an important mineral in the eye's lens. It is essential for supporting healthy vision. Research shows that insufficient amounts of selenium can increase the severity of vision deterioration.

According to Yale University, Selenium may help to prevent eye problems and to slow the aging of the eye.

Studies also show that Selenium helps your body absorb Vitamin E, which assists in preventing vision problems

Together, these antioxidants fight the dangerous free radicals that attack your eyes photoreceptor cells. These cells are vital to your vision because they convert light into signals that form images in your brain.

That's why E-Selenium is perhaps the most effective way I know to support healthy eyes for year to come, stay free and independent as you get older… and much more

However, E-Selenium does more than just support your vision as you age. It also helps...

  • • Promote healthy immune system function
  • • Protect cells against the effects of aging
  • • Fights heart problems
  • • And much more...

Why Mist Spray?

VitaMist Oral sprays delivers the purest form of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional supplements directly into the body.

When you spray it into your mouth, micro-sized beads or droplets begin to work within seconds.

Yes, seconds! And they so without causing any extra stress to the organs.

This unique delivery system is designed to maintain optimum blood concentration of nutrients 24 hours a day. This is different from capsules, which provide a spike in nutrients 2-5 hours after you take them.

Take a look at this graph. See the spike in the red line? That's what happens when you take a capsule or pill. But then see the white line below it - going left to right? That's the concentration of nutrients in your blood from the mist. It can remain in the optimal zone for 24 hours!

This breakthrough system is supported by the prestigious Physicians' Desk Reference, as the best way to achieve the supplementation levels your body demands. In fact, research shows Oral Absorption Is...

More Than 9 Times More Effective Than Pills

Not only that, sprays vitamins do not contain fillers or binders, contrary to the make-up of many pills.

Therefore, when you take pills, you could ingesting unwanted materials.

So taking mists as an alternative may help to alleviate stomach upset and other digestive problems.

Try This Breakthrough Vision Formula Now

Imagine for a moment reading an exciting book for hours on end without straining your eyes. Imagine seeing individual leaves on the trees instead of a green blur. Or driving on a dark road at night with complete confidence.


Order E-Selenium risk-free today and experience all the benefits. Simple choose the deal that works best for your monthly budget to get started.

You can choose from…

100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

When you order E-Selenium, you must immediately begin to feel it nourishes, supports and strengthens your eyes. You must feel stress and anxiety fade away. You must feel happy, calm and confident when you wake up in the morning.

Or within 60 days simply send back the bottle - even if you are down to the last spray. We will send you a complete refund immediately - less shipping. No questions asked.

So if you would like to support your eye health, then simply click on the link below to order now.

Yours for Better Health

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